Boost Online Donations with an Updated Marketing Plan

As a nonprofit organization, your main goals are to promote your cause and generate donations. Now more than ever, it is extremely important to have a clear strategic plan to ensure potential donors are being directed to your organization. This easy to implement marketing approach will help you define your goals and create a clear and effective roadmap to win donations for your nonprofit.

Attract and Narrow Your Audience

Your potential audience may have no idea you exist. Your goal in this beginning stage of the marketing plan should be to attract a large pool of people and make them aware of your presence and message. This pool will eventually be narrowed down to actual potential donors who care deeply about your cause and organization.

Try and drive as much traffic as possible to your website because, at the end of the day this is where your audience will be heading to make donations. Make sure you are frequently publishing blog posts and regularly promoting on all social media platforms. In addition, take some time to improve your SEO strategy – this will help to solidify your other promotional efforts and allow you to appear higher in search rankings. 

It is important to remember that the more narrowed down your audience is, the more likely you will achieve meaningful interactions on your website. 

Encourage Ongoing Engagement

Now that you have pinpointed your ideal target donor, the next step is to show them why your cause is worthy of their attention, time, and money. This requires consistent and effective engagement with those who have shown they are interested in your organization by commenting on your blog posts, submitting inquiries on your website, and liking or sharing your social media posts. 

In this phase, it is important to encourage and maintain this engagement from potential donors. Take time to reply to all comments and inquiries and remarket with new and engaging content. In addition, measure activity and performance on email sign-ups and social media follows. Keep your potential donors on the top of your mind, and they will do the same for you. 

Seal the Deal

Now that you have a good understanding of your user’s behaviors and you’ve mastered stimulating and measuring engagement, the last (and most important step) is to convert potential leads into actual donors by capturing and cultivating their interest.

Getting donations, event registrations, volunteer submissions, and service requests takes time. Successfully implementing the first two steps of this plan will provide the foundation your organization requires to thrive in this third step. 

When attempting to seal the deal, it is important to go above and beyond your normal promotional efforts. Establish even more awareness and engagement than you previously had, and strengthen your call to action and overall selling point. Over time, you will justify the value of your cause, gain trust with your users, and initiate prompt and meaningful action on your donation page. 

Always put yourself in the shoes of your donor and ask: what would it take for me to press that donate button?
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