3D Print: A Lúgh Studio Case Study

The 3D printing industry has exploded in recognition over the last decade. Industry-led feats in creating printable organs and cars have proved to be some of the most innovative advancements across any industry in recent years, and there’s no sign of slowing down.

However, many companies within the industry – while giants in their field – have needed help in marketing themselves.

This is the context in which the industry giant 3DPrint came to Lúgh Studio. 

3DPrint, “your first stop for everything 3D printing,” is known for its coverage of the latest industry news, and for its commentary and discussions regarding the industry.

Though 3DPrint had been dominating the industry via their widely-attended events and leading advertising for cutting-edge products, the company needed a website reboot to take their success to the next level. 

Lúgh Studio determined that a website redesign would help 3DPrint achieve their main goals: becoming even more recognizable in the industry, increasing their yearly profit, and continuing to make meaningful contributions to 3D printing technology.

Lúgh Studio’s Plan With 3DPrint

When 3DPrint leadership approached Lúgh Studio in 2019, the two companies worked in tandem to determine three main goals in redesigning the 3DPrint website:

  1. Make the website more user friendly
  2. Grow overall website traffic
  3. Increase the profitability of 3DPrint as a whole

To achieve these three goals set by 3DPrint, Lúgh Studio embarked upon completing these three tasks:

  1. Overhauling the website for a complete redesign
  2. Making the website more SEO friendly
  3. Growing 3DPrint’s audience, both on- and offline

First Goal: A More User-Friendly Website

To first make the 3DPrint website more user-friendly, our team of developers and designers implemented a website theme that was more aesthetically pleasing. We also revamped the entire website to spotlight more intuitive navigation.

Result: 3DPrint has seen a decrease in bounce rate of over 75%, which means users now spend more time browsing the site before exiting to another site. This is a clear indication that users find the site to be more engaging than it was before.

Second Goal: Growing Website Traffic

Next, we strategically worked on overall website traffic to the 3DPrint website. This involved a better content strategy, as well as networking with other companies in the industry.

Result: We were able to increase website traffic overall. Additionally, we saw an increase of over 13% in new unique users!

Third Goal: Increasing Profitability

Finally, we tackled the question of increased profitability. While much of the groundwork for our third goal was already laid with our efforts at traffic growth, Lúgh Studio still needed to ensure that this traffic was able to be monetized. To do this, we utilized email marketing and assisted with all email campaigns.

Result: 3DPrint has a growing email list of over 60,000 subscribers, and has been able to monetize this list by offering access to their clients. We also helped 3DPrint to manage their three main event sites. In total, these events annually pull in 50+ speakers, 400+ attendees, 50+ exhibitors/sponsors, 50+ media sponsors, and over 56+ participating companies. 

All of this has allowed 3DPrint to increase awareness of their brand, and has resulted in the main driver of growth they have experienced since beginning to work with us.

3D Print Case Study: Continuing Partnership

We hope you found this 3DPrint case study to be useful. We at Lúgh Studio are proud to report that not only did we help 3DPrint achieve its three main goals, but that our partnership continues to this day!

With daily project management and new development projects constantly in the works, Lúgh Studio is proud to be the main marketing and development agency of 3DPrint.

If there’s anything the last two years of working with 3DPrint has taught us at Lúgh Studio, it’s that great things are possible with a clear vision and the consistency to see it through. Achieving 3DPrint’s goals was made possible through their vision of what they wanted and our skills to make it a reality.

Thanks, 3DPrint — we can’t wait to see where the future takes us! 

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