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Project Overview

An online hub for chemistry related content

Elsevier had a wealth of chemistry related content to be collated in one online location. As a result, Lúgh created a 70 page resource portal that categorized and displayed the various content pieces through a simple and clean user interface.

Lúgh also supported the growth of the website by creating custom infographics, videos and interactive quizzes. We also drove traffic to the website with the development of social media banners and gifs. After just one year, the website received over 100,000 visits.


Designing a story

Lúgh worked closely with the Elsevier marketing team and chemists to create a variety of infographics, ranging in topics and design. These aimed to drive drive traffic towards the portal as well as creating content for their social media platforms. These were successful with Elsevier’s academic audience as they broke down complex chemistry related subjects into technically accurate and compelling visuals.

Topics included: Hop Chemistry, Fluorine (Poison to Promise), Smallpox, Molecular Machines, Chocolate, Antibiotics and Water, to name but a few.

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This infographic addresses why Fireflies make light within their bodies, via a process called bioluminescence. Discover what the biochemical reactions are behind bioluminescence.

View Firefly Infographic

Fluorine is a highly toxic pale yellow gas. Discover how chemists transformed this poisonous gas into compounds that improve our daily lives.

View Fluorine Infographic

Discover some of the biological and chemical processes that go into making beer taste the way it does.

View Hops Infographic

Social Media

Driving engagement through major online social platforms

We supported the Reaxys Resource Portal and Elsevier’s marketing initiatives by co-creating a year long social media calendar to schedule and organise content for their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages. Deliverables included: banners, animated gifs, quizzes, infographics and videos.

Friedrich Wöhler
Chem Nobel


Immersive content

Video content has been proven to engage more people online then static text and imagery. With this in mind, Lúgh Studio created multiple videos and motion graphics for the Reaxys Resource Portal.

Not only did we write and edit the videos, we also provided art direction, filming and voice recorded narrations.