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For over 20 years, Lúgh Studio has delivered fresh and innovative creative design to a diverse client base ranging from Fortune 100s to startups.

As “visual translators,” we take your complex information, distill it into coherent forms, and expertly adapt it for deployment across all platforms.

Lúgh creates sharp core messages • memorable branding • striking print & digital marketing • robust digital platforms

What message do you need to get out?


  • Photo Peter Byrnes

    Peter Byrnes

    Co-founder and President

    Peter is the co-founder and president of Lúgh Studio. As a people person, Peter is passionate about graphic design and how it communicates clients’ messages visually. He loves Brooklyn, travel and the study of foreign languages.

  • Photo Amy Beer

    Amy Beer

    Managing Partner

    Amy is the managing partner at Lúgh, inspiring clients and their project teams to find innovative ways to build brands, create compelling content and solve complex business problems.

  • Photo Gedalya Krycer

    Gedalya Krycer

    Digital Design Director

    Gedalya is a Digital Design Director who loves the “nitty-gritty” details of design and web development. When he is not working on a website, you can find him at the theaters for the latest Marvel or DC flick.

  • Photo Tulay Onay

    Tulay Onay

    Senior Designer

    Tulay is a Senior Designer at Lúgh Studio who loves to make type POP. When she’s not indulging in her love for typography, Tulay listens to political and history podcasts and enjoys the occasional glass of wine.

  • Photo Tareque Hassan

    Tareque Hassan

    Graphic Designer

    Tareque is a Graphic Designer at Lúgh Studio who was born in Bangladesh, and raised in Queens, New York. He is passionate about all things design, art, and coffee. Growing up immersed in the NYC skateboarding culture, he’s always had an eye for unique perspectives, which enriches his creative process.

  • Photo Karolina Pac

    Karolina Pac

    Administrative Assistant

    Karolina is a part-time Administrative Assistant at Lúgh Studio, and full-time mom of two! Born and raised in Poland, Karolina is bilingual and an awesome addition to our multicultural team! She enjoys food, travel, and a good mystery novel.

  • Photo Lydia Deverdzic

    Lydia Deverdzic

    Account Manager

    Lydia is an Account Manager at Lugh Studio. She is passionate about people, business-driven solutions, design and communication. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, stand-up comedy, researching the latest health trends and spending time with family and friends.

  • Photo Inna Krishtal

    Inna Krishtal

    Front-end Developer

    Inna is a Front-end Developer, who loves flex-box, perfect padding and making sure each project is pixel perfect. She really enjoys airplanes and the sound of the surf.

  • Photo Eugene Manackii

    Eugene Manackii

    Full-stack Developer

    Eugene is a Full-stack Developer who likes to solve “impossible” tasks. Loves beautiful code and in his free time, he devotes himself to self-development: dreams of becoming a raw eater and swim in the cold ocean at low temperature.

  • Photo Artem Talianov

    Artem Talianov

    Lead Full-Stack Developer

    Artem is the latest member to the team, where he spends his time designing websites or building Laravel applications. When he’s not working, Artem likes to go cycling and mountain hiking  as well as building craft plugins and dabbles with RESTful API’s.

  • Photo Sveta Kyshko

    Sveta Kyshko

    Marketing research professional

    Sveta is working in marketing research at Lugh Studio. She was born and raised in Ukraine, speaks three languages and perfectly complements our multicultural team.In her free time, Sveta likes to read books, cook tasty food, spend time with people close to her and have fun with her cat.

  • Photo Diego


    Diego is a 5-year old toy schnauzer. He spends his days patrolling the office for possible falling bits of food and treats. When he’s not diligently guarding the office space, Diego loves to take walks and spending time with his dad!