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For over 25 years, we’ve delivered fresh and innovative design, marketing and technology solutions to Nonprofits, Real Estate, Publishing, STEM, Financial Services, eCommerce and Professional Services clients.

Our focus is to bring your vision to life!

We take your unique story and expertly adapt it across print, in-person and digital platforms.

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  • Photo Larry Voigtsberger

    Larry Voigtsberger

    Creative Director

    Larry is a Creative Director who strives to develop effective and exciting projects that meet or exceed the client’s expectations. He enjoys listening to music, reading, cooking, and the occasional escape to his cabin in the Green Mountains.

  • Photo Bobby Aguirre

    Bobby Aguirre

    VP Sales & Marketing

    Bobby is a versatile professional with expertise in sales, marketing, and full-stack web development. Known for his customer-centric approach, he excels in building relationships and delivering solutions tailored to his clients’ needs. When Bobby is not glued to his computer or speaking with customers, he enjoys the outdoors, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his family and dog named “Rio.”

  • Photo Karolina Zajkowski

    Karolina Zajkowski

    Accounting & Administrative Manager

    Karolina is our Accounting & Administrative Manager at Lúgh Studio, and full-time mom of two. Born and raised in Poland, Karolina is bilingual and an integral part of our multicultural team. She enjoys food, travel, and a good mystery novel.

  • Photo Tulay Onay

    Tulay Onay

    Senior Designer

    Tulay is a Senior Designer at Lúgh Studio who loves to make type POP. When she’s not indulging in her love for typography, Tulay listens to political and history podcasts and enjoys the occasional glass of wine.

  • Photo Jackie Hoch

    Jackie Hoch

    Digital Designer

    Jackie is a Digital Designer at Lúgh Studio who loves illustration. When she’s not playing around in Illustrator, Jackie can be found hiking, skiing, or reading a book.

  • Photo Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson

    Digital Designer

    Paul is a Digital Designer at Lúgh Studio who has a deep passion for 2D animation and motion graphics. When not working in After Effects or Illustrator, Paul is usually playing with his cat Cassini, drawing in Procreate, or playing a video game.

  • Photo Michailah Bekoe

    Michailah Bekoe

    Account Manager

    Michailah Bekoe is an account manager who manages relationships between Lugh Studio and its clients. She loves to go above and beyond to ensure that all parties are happy and satisfied with their respective projects.
    Outside of work, she loves photography, spending time with her family, cooking, singing, and watching documentaries.

  • Photo Jalessa Muschette

    Jalessa Muschette

    Account Manager

    Jalessa Muschette is an account manager who enjoys helping to make her clients’ visions come to life. She uses her diverse background to approaching projects in a unique and creative way. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering at her local church.

  • Photo Delroy Muschette

    Delroy Muschette

    Account Manager

    Delroy is an Account Manager at Lugh Studio who like to make sure his clients are happy. When he is not working on client task, Delroy hangs out with his family and watch tv shows and movies.

  • Photo Artem Talianov

    Artem Talianov

    Lead Full-Stack Developer

    Artem is a Lead Full-Stack Developer who spends his time designing websites or building Laravel applications. When he isn’t working, Artem enjoys cycling, hiking, and building craft plugins. He also likes to dabble with RESTful API’s.

  • Photo Damir Ivanidze

    Damir Ivanidze

    Full-stack Developer

  • Photo Pavel Balandin

    Pavel Balandin

    Full-stack Developer

    Pavel is a Full-Stack Developer who pushes himself to find the most efficient and interesting solutions in his work. In his free time, he likes to meditate, listen to music, and go on road trips.

  • Photo Inna Gurova

    Inna Gurova

    Project Manager

    Inna is a project manager who is organized, enthusiastic and simply a great team collaborator. She likes to take action, set goals, and enjoy the process. During her spare time, she enjoys gardening, home decorating and traveling. She loves being outside with her family, whether hiking or biking within her hometown.

  • Photo Sveta Kyshko

    Sveta Kyshko

    Marketing research professional

    Sveta is working in marketing research at Lugh Studio. She was born and raised in Ukraine, speaks three languages and perfectly complements our multicultural team.In her free time, Sveta likes to read books, cook tasty food, spend time with people close to her and have fun with her cat.

  • Photo Diego


    Diego is a 13-year-old toy schnauzer who spends his days practicing his best puppy-dog eyes in hopes of grabbing an extra treat or two. Some of his favorite things are taking walks, and spending quality time with his dad.

In Memoriam

Amy Beer
Amy Beer

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Amy Beer’s passing on June 19th after a brave battle with cancer. Despite her illness, Amy continued to work tirelessly until the very end, a testament to her unwavering commitment and strength. Her absence is profoundly felt, and Amy’s spirit and influence will forever remain a cornerstone of Lúgh Studio.

Amy was an incredibly intelligent and passionate individual who fundamentally influenced the work at Lúgh Studio. Her dedication and enthusiasm were contagious, inspiring everyone around her to strive for excellence. Amy’s journey with us made us feel invincible. Together, we built a strong and dedicated team, and we’re committed to carrying on her legacy.

Amy was a strong supporter of nonprofit organizations and their missions. We encourage you to donate in her honor to any organization of your choice. Below are a few nonprofits that were especially meaningful to her.


  • Web


    We develop your website to deliver results. To provide an engaging user experience, we utilize information architecture, wireframes, high fidelity UI mockups, and full stack development. In addition to design and technology, we offer a range of content development including videos, animations, blogs, and social media.

  • Marketing


    We are a fully-integrated communications firm providing consulting and content-creation services. Not only do we help design your message, we add value to it! In addition to design, we offer blog and social media services, brand planning and implementation, and copywriting.

    Ask about our social media packages!
  • Digital

    Digital Communications

    We create digital assets designed to engage users and increase your brand’s online visibility. Our designs consist of interactive and branded ebooks, infographics, embed quizzes, web banners, email assets and other types of content that generate, convert and retain leads.

  • Video


    We develop high-quality, branded videos. Our video services include video shoots, editing, motion graphics, art direction, tutorials and guides. We simplify the creation process and provide visuals that will engage your audience and add value to your brand.

  • branding


    With over 25 years expertly creating and revitalizing brands, we specialize in visual storytelling, enabling you to quickly communicate your brand values and goals. We design on-brand material based on extensive competitor analysis and market research. From logo creation to a full identity design, we produce complete branding packages including style guides, marketing templates, and all you need to succeed.

  • Print & Events

    Print & Events

    Over the years, we’ve established long-term relationships with a variety of printers. With our acquired experience and industry knowledge, we specialize in a variety of print and event materials, such as booth design, indoor and outdoor signage, publication and editorial pieces, stationery and whitepapers.