The Hello Herman Project

Using art to promote anti-bullying initiative

Nonprofit — Branding, Logo Design, Print, Web

Getting involved

Before the project had been conceived, John Buffalo Mailer set out to examine bullying in today’s society with his provocative play Hello Herman. The play later became a feature film and an anti-bullying movement. The Hello Herman Project brings together students, faculty and parents to explore the difficult but necessary issues facing youth today through a video and theater contest, as well as online discussions.


The branding needed to appeal to both theater groups and the general school population. It consists of strong type with equal weight to suggest equality. The logo is aligned forward  representing taking action.

The isolated letters spelling HELP represent the profound sense of isolation and the cries for help so often not heard. The brand includes stark contrasts between dark and light  where dark represents the problem and light the solution. The facing chairs represent personal discussions between the bully and the bullied.

Lúgh Studio partnered with The Hello Herman Project to reach out to teens through the use of social media channels and mobile devices.