The Best 6 Resources To Learn PPC

Today we are going to cover some of the best resources to learn PPC. As we point out in our ultimate guide to PPC, pay-per-click advertising is a constantly evolving topic. Things are always changing and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Seeking out further education is the only way to succeed.

Our list today is a combination of resources. Most are websites, but you will find a mix of other media as well. Come back to this list whenever you want to learn more about PPC. And now, let’s get started!

1) Google Skillshop

PPC ads are often done on Google, so what better way to learn straight from the source? Formerly known as Google Ads Academy, Google Skillshop offers you a variety of courses to learn all about advertising on the platform. While the courses will vary in length and depth, most are at least a few hours long. This ensures that not only are you getting good information, but it will be relatively in depth as well.

The courses on Skillshop are aimed at beginners, so keep this in mind if you already have some experience with the platform. Then again, these courses can be a great refresher if you haven’t actively studied the topic for some time. Plus, even if you have worked in the field for a long time, Google algorithms change so often that common practice can quickly become outdated. Google Skillship ensures your skills stay current, so be sure to give it a look!

2) Ultimate Google Ads Training

This is one of the best selling PPC courses on Udemy. And for good reason: the instructor Isaac Rudansky has over eight years experience working in the PPC industry. This means you not only get a theoretical background on the topic but also a crash course on how to become an expert in practice. Ultimate Google Ads Training will teach you literally everything you need to know.

The value of this course is in the detail. With over 25 hours of video training, you will learn everything from correctly structuring an ad account to fixing common problems with PPC ads. This is great information for both beginner and intermediate learners alike. If you are looking for resources to learn PPC, this course will be hard to beat.

3) Solutions 8

This is a great YouTube channel for actionable, up-to-date information. Run by a team of PPC professionals with a ton of experience between them, viewers will be delighted by the sheer depth of the information available. 

The true value in these videos is that the two hosts usually share their screen and take you through what they are doing step-by-step. This is awesome for visual learners and guarantees a faster rate of learning overall.

4) Surfside PPC

This is another YouTube channel with great content on PPC. The great thing about the channel is that you get to learn about platforms other than just Google. This is useful if you are a PPC manager for platforms like YouTube or Amazon. 

If you are somebody that learns when comparing your focus topic to other areas, the Surfside channel might be a great choice. Even though there is a focus on PPC, there are also a variety of videos on more general “digital marketing” topics. This gives you a higher level view of how PPC can fit into a business strategy – valuable insight indeed!

5) PPC Hero

This is a great website for all PPC skill levels. The PPC Hero blog covers a wide array of topics with post titles like “PPC vs. SEO: Pros and Cons for Startups” and “Six Ways to Adjust Google Ads to Save on Budget.” This makes it a great resource for people who are searching for not only actionable advice, but more general information on how PPC fits into the wider scope of their business. 

In addition, this website is a good resource for somebody that doesn’t have the time to complete an entire course on PPC, but also doesn’t necessarily like watching videos to learn. That’s because the PPC Hero blog typically publishes posts that are relatively concise and actionable. Short on time but looking for things you can act on? PPC Hero is the PPC resource for you!

6) Ahrefs

While Ahrefs isn’t necessarily “PPC related,” it’s the leading resource to learn about keyword research. And if you are going to get good at PPC, keyword research is a topic you need to understand. Start with the wrong keyword, and even the best PPC ad won’t perform. Get it right? Well, with a quality keyword focus, your ad doesn’t even need to be all that great for it to be effective. This is the importance of keyword research.

The Ahrefs blog teaches you everything you need to know about the topic. This includes which keywords you should be researching, how to pick the right ones, and how to integrate them into ads once you do. Their blog also covers a wide array of topics like copywriting and audience research that can be useful for PPC.

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