One World Trade Center: A Lúgh Studio Case Study

The Durst Organization and One World Trade Center: In Context

The mission of The Durst Organization’s One World Trade Center (OneWTC) building is to remain downtown New York’s premier environment for an “elevated work experience.”

It does this by offering state-of-the-art office spaces and an inspiring, innovative tenant community. Not only can you lease working space in the building, but you can also enjoy world-class amenities with your team while marveling at New York City’s finest views.

Elevated indeed!

This is the context in which Durst approached Lúgh Studio. While Durst already had systems in place when we started working with them, they also realized that to have the greatest impact, they needed to step up their digital game.

Two Stumbling Blocks

While discussing their short and long-term goals, Durst expanded upon their ambitions to us. They needed an action plan for OneWTC to achieve concrete goals in their industry, but knew they had certain stumbling blocks that were preventing them from getting there.

Their biggest stumbling blocks included an underutilization of OneWTC’s social media channels, as well as providing leasing information for their commercial spaces to the businesses most likely to be interested. After initial discussions with OneWTC leadership, these were the two targeted problems we identified:

  1. Building a high-impact social media strategy to target both the brokerage community and general public
  2. Bringing OneWTC’s leasing information to the next level

It was time to get started!

Actions and Results

1. Building a high-impact social media strategy to target both the brokerage community and general public


We first made it a point to fill the One_WTC Instagram and Durst Organization LinkedIn channels with various content. This meant providing animations that showcase leasing availabilities, as well as animations that show off the building and workspace (including views, amenities, experiences, the tenant community and the surrounding Downtown neighborhood).

We also made sure to craft a strategy that appealed to both the brokerage community, who could lease the office space, and the general public, who are invested in the building. This not only established “social media credibility,” but also appealed to the largest possible audience. Both of these factors allowed us to hit the ground running with further actions.

Next, our designers and project managers created a strategic plan with One World Trade Center’s Marketing team. Talks often begin with an internal discussion on relevant concepts that have both potential for compelling design and align with OneWTC’s audience and quarterly marketing initiatives. This has allowed for continuous collaboration populating OneWTC’s various social media channels with high-level content.

For example, we’ve launched recurring campaign series with an aim to raise the company’s brand awareness on Instagram and LinkedIn. These include:

  • ‘Availabilities’ posts targeted at the brokerage community.
  • ‘Love Where You Work’ and ‘Tenant Highlight’ posts targeted at current and prospective tenants.
  • ‘Durst Details’ posts targeted at the general public.

All three of these demographics encompass One World Trade Center’s main social media followers.


Our augmentation of OneWTC’s social media has been successful in many ways. We’ve expanded their vision, and because of that their audience continuously grows. For example, their content on platforms like LinkedIn receives many views and ‘likes’, which acts to raise awareness of the building. The leasing team and brokers are then able to share this content, building a snowball effect.

We’ve also been able to tap into some new creative formats with OneWTC’s social media strategy. We are running more Instagram Stories to boost engagement, for example. In addition, OneWTC is also beginning to develop Story Highlights in which they currently feature tenant highlights and their panoramic views.   

2. Bringing OneWTC’s leasing information to the next level


Because the commercial spaces that OneWTC offers are state of the art and in one of the prime locations of New York, it was essential to make leasing information easily accessible. To that end, Lúgh Studio set to work creating a high-end leasing brochure dubbed the “Availabilities Glossy” brochure. This was targeted at brokers and prospective tenants. 

This brochure is a PDF with responsive navigation. Within it, users click interactive buttons and links that connect them to different pages within the PDF or bring them to the website. There they can learn more information about office spaces leasing at OneWTC. This especially appeals to the prospective clients of OneWTC, which are typically highly profitable businesses in the TAMI field (tech, advertising, marketing and information). 

The Availabilities Glossy brochure provides a significant overview of the building, including its amenities, information on sustainability, and property facts with background on design and construction.

The PDF showcases all current availabilities within the building. Availabilities include photos, floorplans, square footage, plan details, with certain listings paired with links to an interactive virtual tour.

In the introduction of the brochure, we have developed a new and updated 3D building illustration. Not only does this show available locations in 3D, but comes populated with interactive links.


The Availabilities Glossy continues to be a useful tool for the OneWTC leasing team. This document is given to brokers and prospective tenants as an overview of the most important information. It gives immediate facts in a digestible format. Having the flexibility of being a printed or digital document allows it to be easily shared and circulated.


We at Lúgh Studio are honored to continue working with such an influential organization as The Durst Organization, particularly in assisting its iconic property, One World Trade Center.

As a result of their partnership with us, OneWTC is now on track to grow their awareness on social media, bring in more tenants, and provide even more businesses and organizations an “elevated experience.”

We wish OneWTC continued success, and are thrilled to continue our partnership with them!

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