ICTMN, the voice of Native America — an award-winning media network

Indian Country Today Media Network (ICTMN) is a website and weekly online newsletter that is a national news source for and about Native people in North America. In January 2011, the ICT Media Network revealed their new online multimedia news platform. The daily, hourly, or “as news breaks” internationally recognized news service.

ICTMN’s perspective is not necessarily what you will see on CNN, ABC, CBC, NBC, CBS or FOX. Taking 7 generations into consideration often creates a very different perspective — a unique perspective that you’ll definitely want to check out.

The future of newsletters

Our challenge was to replace a costly, weekly 48-page print magazine with a convenient, easy-to-use digital newsletter that saved time and resources for all parties involved. We did not find a viable magazine option online, so we created our own, customizing every feature to fit ICTMN’s engagement needs and goals.

Our responsive design is optimized to accommodate every digital platform to ensure the smoothest possible viewer experience. Our e-Weekly functions like an online magazine—you swipe left for the following page, nearly forgetting that you are holding your smart phone instead of the rumpling printed publication.

Responsive design

It’s responsive so it is optimized for all devices and the back-end is set up to allow for the inevitable last minute updates.

Indian Country Media Network

It starts with an award-winning website

Today, when you need to reach everybody you can, you make a great website. ICTMN’s is updated around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by a talented team of editors. This extensive site covers all things political, environmental, business, sports, powwows, and arts & entertainment for Indian Country spanning both the United States and Canada.

Indian Country Media Network

And continues with a lifestyle magazine

For many, the best way to absorb culture, history and news, is through a beautifully designed magazine. For others, it is the ease of downloading an app and reading an e-publication that has extended interactive functionally on their iPad. Every two months, we deliver both.

Indian Country Media Network

The genesis of the logo

Of course there are hundreds of nations umbrellaed as “Native American” in Indian Country and finding one symbol that would be acceptable was the big challenge. The nations of the Northeast have dramatically different art than the Southwest or Northwest. By using a classic motif we created a symbol that could conceivably predate all the different styles.

The turtle has a significant place deep in the heart of most if not all Native American cultures. Throughout history, the turtle has been regarded as mystical, sacred and is a symbol of longevity and truth—particularly important to a media network.

Indian Country Media Network