Humanity for Progress

Our challenge was to create an integrated marketing campaign for a social cause of vital importance: the 2016 Presidential Election. Humanity for Progress is a social media campaign rocket-fueled by artists and activists who believe in the power of art and positivity for social good. We designed the logo, website and social media platforms that celebrated diversity and used engaging, poignant visuals that communicated the urgency of this project to our audience.

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Social media feed

The key to a successful campaign is imminent presence on every social media front. With this feed updated in real time, you could see what people from around the world were expressing. The news, memes, stories, photos and videos were shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Over 1 million online impressions!

The Humanity for Progress Facebook page reached over 129,301 Likes and 129,349 Followers in less than 2 months of its initiation — this is just a small part of the 1 billion online impressions captured through various online touchpoints. The humanistic and culturally relevant branding immediately associated with viewers, and Humanity for Progress was an online success, as it became a platform for everyone to share and express their stories.