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Sales & Marketing Enablement

The last few years we have been the agency of record for Elsevier’s corporate sales and marketing teams.

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals. Between their many products, they have published thousands of journals and book titles.

We support Elsevier’s marketing and sales team in reaching over 30 million customers with various creative solutions and designs. Our work for Elsevier encompasses all manner of branded materials and interactive digital media.


Designing a story

An infographic can help break down complex information in a way that is easy to understand and pleasing to read.

For Elsevier, we have been creating a growing library of infographics—informing their audience on a plethora of chemistry-related topics. These infographics cover everything from the chemical compounds that cause a firefly to light up to why different beers taste the way they do. Our job is to take long documents of chemical compounds and scientific discoveries and turn them into a visual story.

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This infographic addresses why Fireflies make light within their bodies, via a process called bioluminescence. Discover what the biochemical reactions are behind bioluminescence.

View Firefly Infographic

Fluorine is a highly toxic pale yellow gas. Discover how chemists transformed this poisonous gas into compounds that improve our daily lives.

View Fluorine Infographic

Discover some of the biological and chemical processes that go into making beer taste the way it does.

View Hops Infographic

An interactive marketing experience for Reaxys

Sometimes a static infographic is not enough to tell the full story. We created this responsive, interactive infographic to engage and connect with Elsevier's audience.


From start to finish

Promotional video, for an online quiz that we conceptualized, filmed and edited.

Interactive Design

Creating an experience to connect all the pieces

We created this growing resource portal micro site, that houses many of Elsevier's Reaxys promotional material.

With a focus on Elsevier's academic demographic, a user can come to one location to find a broad range of articles, videos, assessments and much more. It provides a way to connect all of Elsevier's many content types, in one location.

Print Collateral

Staying true to the brand, over all collateral

Over the years, we have produced and designed a large range of print collateral for Elsevier. Ranging from Whitepapers, to factsheets, posters, and large format booth displays. Our goal each time is to deliver a design that is on time, immaculately produced and intelligently structured.

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It’s not just a Game—It’s a Challenge!

Our challenge was to create an online experience that would engage young engineering students and introduce them to Knovel, a powerful online engineering tool. Gamification was key, which proved to be very popular. Each year enrollment increased and participating universities were asked to supply content further deepening the relationship with the client base.

Gamification works—but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Read the Elsevier whitepaper on the effect of gamification on learning or take the quiz your self below.

Play the Challenge! Read the Whitepaper