Digital Wireframes: Which Tools Should You Use?

If you do any design work for your business, it’s helpful to have a list of tools for creating digital wireframes.

Here are a list of five tools that will get the job done!

Our Favorite Tools For Digital Wireframes


Let’s start with one of the more well-known tools.

Figma is what we use ourselves at Lúgh Studio. It has plenty of tools like their pen that automatically merges points, and you can even use the Figma library to use new assets in your designs.

Figma also has a solid free version of the tool, which makes it a decent option for any design team on a budget. This gets you access to three projects and two editors, as well as unlimited cloud storage.

Adobe XD

This tool is one of the more well-known in the digital design field.

It’s also somewhat beginner friendly, as there are not too many complicated features you have to deal with when first getting started. This is in contrast to other Adobe tools, which can be overwhelming at first with features.


This is a great tool when there is a lot of cooperation between your design team and developers. That’s because UXPin allows for running tests and collecting feedback from other team members, which makes collaboration easy. 

With “Merge Technology,” UXPin prides itself as being faster than most other wireframe tools. This means you can “scale and develop – faster than ever.”


Since 2010, Sketch has been one of the best providers of vector-based design.

Even though it’s more basic than most wireframe tools, its easy integration with design tools and plugins make it a solid choice. A good tool if you are just getting started with digital wireframes!


Our last tool is one of the more powerful when it comes to wireframes. Mockplus has earned its name by being a good choice for complicated, multi-stage (and multi-team) projects.  

It describes itself as “the most robust all-in-one product design platform,” made possible with features like interactive prototyping and unified collaboration.

Have a ton of complicated design projects going on and want to simplify things with one tool? Then Mockplus might be the pick for you.

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