Different Conversion Rates You Should Track

There are many conversion rates you can measure to see what percentage of your leads are taking certain actions.

But which ones are actually worth your time? 

Today we’ll be covering five that you should consider tracking.

Five Conversion Rates

While not all of these conversions will be applicable to you, these are the ones that most businesses find beneficial to track.

1) Website visitors to email subscribers

We will start with what is often the most important.

If you have read our ultimate guide to email marketing, you know how important an engaged list is to your business success.

And the first step to building that engaged list?

2) Website visitors to phone calls

This is quite similar to the first metric but more applicable to companies that rely on phone support.

Companies will typically put a clear “call now” option on their site to initiate conversations. Of course, getting a prospect on the phone isn’t enough if you can’t close. 

Check out this list of tips for closing sales on the phone.

3) Email subscribers to post

A common way to build the relationship with your audience is to send them content that solves their problems. You typically do that with a weekly newsletter.

But you need to know how many of them are actually consuming what you send them.

That’s where this metric comes in!

4) Email subscribers to customers

Of course, your email list doesn’t mean much if they never buy.

That’s why this conversion metric is so essential. Plus, accurately measuring this metric also gives you an idea of how much profit you can expect from a certain list size.

This makes planning for future investment much simpler.

5) Click-through to a specific landing page

Our last conversion metric is especially useful to businesses that use Facebook or Google ads.

Often you will drive traffic to a specific page via the platform. This brings more visitors to your site and often brings a boost in email subscribers.

This metric shows you how many people actually click through. 

One Last Tip to Improve These Conversion Rates

A/B test everything.

If your conversion rates are low there is likely a way you could improve it!

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