Spring Cleaning: Tips and Tricks to Help Clean Your Website!

Spring Clean Your Website!

Spring is upon us! With new beginnings happening all around us, it’s a great time for you do a bit of cleaning and updating of your website. We’ve made it a bit easier for you and compiled a checklist of items our top designers and developers – and other industry experts – think will help guide the way to a refreshing new look in 2019.

Update Your Website’s Plugins and Themes

Most website platforms (WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, etc.) will have plug-ins and themesthat are consistently updated with the latest advances and security measures. Updating these will address any known security vulnerabilities and will keep your back-end running smoothly.

Update Your Policies and Copyright References

Now that we’re well into 2019, make sure that your Terms of Use/Terms of Service is up to date and covers all aspects of your site and make sure nothing is overlooked. Same goes for the footer: make sure all footers on your site have the most up-to-date copyrights and dates.

Declutter Your Website

Be it outdated text and photos or broken pages and links, make sure to have all of these updated and repaired for a clean and refreshed site! Having a broken button or link on your site will:

1. Look unprofessional

2. Could potentially cause you to lose out on certain business opportunities

3. Will hurt your SEO score. When a search engine crawls your website, any broken links found will lower your domain authority

A malfunctioning newsletter signup button, form link, or product isn’t functioning properly can cost you that sale. 

A decluttered site will make your website look and feel cleaner without any old content to clog up the flow.

Review Your Site’s Analytics

Another thing you can do to clean your websitesite is to take a look at Google Analytics to help find any trends that are happening on your site Learn Academy. Is a blog post receiving more page views and clicks? Is there a downward trend in the clicks to your about page?

Polish up your popular posts, repurpose older content, or consider removing the stagnant content.

Use Google Analytics’ to your advantage!

Review the Social Networks You’re Engaging On

Social media is an important tool for your business. It allows you to interact with your audience in fun and engaging ways. But are you using the right platforms for your message and audience? Take a look at which platforms your company is using and whether those platforms are the most effective in your industry.

B2B Marketers should be looking at LinkedIn as their go-to social network and B2C companies should look at Facebook as their main social media platform.

section of infographic showing popular US social networks among adults 18-24

Review Mobile Site Friendliness

Check the mobile-friendliness of your website. Certain pages and elements may look perfect on a desktop view but atrocious on your mobile devices.

Review both mobile and desktop pages when you update your website and double check that everything is a-okay.

We’re always finding new and exciting things to update our website with and we do the same for our clients. Need some help figuring out a solution for your website design? Contact us today to schedule a consultation on your website!

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