Case Study For Perfect Building Maintenance

PBM — The Next 100

Perfect Building Maintenance (PBM), a comprehensive building services and management company that provides a wide range of services, refreshed its brand identity to appeal to a new generation of customers while preserving its legacy.

The Challenge

As PBM approached its centennial, the company needed to modernize its brand image without compromising its reputation. The timeless and classic logo would benefit from a dynamic refresh for a contemporary audience and the addition of a tagline would help to communicate the company's longevity and expertise.

The Solution

Lúgh Studio collaborated with PBM to redesign and reimagine their logo. We pulled inspiration from PBM's brand essence, values, and vision to ensure the new logo represented the company's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Case Study For Perfect Building Maintenance

The New Logo

The redesigned logo blends modernity and tradition. The minimalist design features a polished, gleaming surface that symbolizes impeccable services. Dynamic lines create a sense of movement, reflecting PBM’s forward-thinking approach.

PBM Logo Refreshed

100 Years and Counting

We introduced the tagline “100 Years and Counting” to complement the logo, celebrating the company’s longevity and commitment to future excellence.

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The Impact

The refreshed logo has been positively received by employees, customers, and industry peers. The new visual identity has captured PBM’s brand essence, resonating with a new generation of customers while honoring its heritage. The logo has become a symbol of PBM’s dedication to exceptional services, fostering pride among employees and strengthening brand recognition.


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