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Lúgh Studio had the privilege of collaborating with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), a remarkable organization dedicated to supporting Christian coaches and athletes. FCA sought to create and maintain a comprehensive database for showcasing image cards and corresponding campaigns.

The Challenge

FCA required a robust and user-friendly platform to manage and showcase their campaigns and image cards effectively. Additionally, they needed a way to track and analyze user engagement to optimize their efforts and drive more donations for their missionaries.

Our Approach

Developed a Database with Existing Branding

Lúgh Studio began by designing and implementing a database system that seamlessly integrated with FCA’s existing branding. Our team ensured that every aspect of the database reflected FCA’s unique identity and values.

Built Backend Editing Capabilities

To empower FCA with control over their content, we integrated robust backend editing capabilities. This allowed FCA to efficiently manage and update the information within the database, ensuring that their campaigns were always up to date.

Created a Staging Site on FCA WordPress Hosting Environment

We established a staging site within the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ WP hosting environment. This provided FCA with a secure and user-friendly platform for testing and reviewing their campaigns before they were made available to their audience.

Implemented Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

To track and analyze user engagement, we implemented GA4, enabling FCA to gain valuable insights into how their audience interacted with their campaigns and image cards.

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The Impact

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes experienced a significant increase in donations for their missionaries. The streamlined database, user-friendly editing capabilities, and enhanced tracking through GA4 contributed to their success in engaging their supporters and inspiring more generous contributions.


Lúgh Studio is proud to have played a role in supporting FCA’s mission and is excited to continue our partnership, helping them achieve even greater success in the future. We look forward to more opportunities to innovate and make a meaningful difference in the world through our design and production services.


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