Brand Design

Carbaya is setting out to provide a better way to buy and sell pre-owned vehicles in the UK.

They came to us to communicate this first and foremost by developing a brand that would speak specifically to their value proposition and the UK market.

The penguin was the chosen direction based on the broad possibilities it brought to the table for advertising. Who doesn't like a penguin? Penguins are loyal, fast, efficient and well, they remind us of a butler and white glove service. Carbaya's service is fast, reliable and with it's 240-point inspection process, very white glove.

1. Mood Board

2. Logo Variants

3. Final Logo Design

4. Style Guide

Extended Collateral

Once the brand was established, it then needed to be rolled out over all forms of collateral. The website, business cards and social media outlets; all needed to speak with one coherent voice. We achieved this by utilizing a cohesive system of colors, graphic and pattern, and character illustrations—that all supported the brand's message.

Check it out!

Motion Graphics

Carbaya makes car buying simplified. But it still requires a lot of moving parts and serves multiple customer types. To succinctly convey everything that is Carbaya, we created an animation.

We first started with sketches and simple wireframes to flesh out and develop the story and script. Then it came time to design the Carbaya characters. The illustrated style, gave the opportunity to really present Carbaya in a unique and creative way. It was all wrapped together with a cohesive storyline that informed investors of the challenges Carbaya solves, while keeping everyone engaged.