A/B Tests: Five That You Should Try Out

A/B tests, or testing two similar elements side-by-side to see which one performs better, are essential to your marketing. 

But which ones should you try out first?

Here are five of the most important you should try out for your own company.

Five A/B Tests You Should Try Out

1) Headline.

This is the fist and perhaps most obvious A/B test to run. Headlines are present in just about every piece of content you will ever create, as well as plenty of your website’s landing pages.

2) Subject line.

This A/B test is specifically relevant to your email marketing. For each email you send, the most important element will be your subject line. This is what entices your readers to open the email, regardless of what the content actually is.

Check out our ultimate guide to email marketing for more advice.

3) Lead magnets.

A lead magnet is something you give away for free in exchange for somebody’s contact information. The reason this is a good A/B split test is that you never know exactly what your audience will respond best to. 

While testing out different lead magnets sounds complicated, it’s really not.

Check out these tools that make it easy.

4) Images.

This is especially relevant if you are doing paid advertising on Facebook. The image is the most important aspect to getting somebody’s attention. It then makes sense to optimize it.

Thankfully, Facebook’s advertising platform makes this pretty easy to do!

5) Product price.

While running an A/B split test on pricing can make some business owners nervous, it can be well worth your time. You never know which price point is actually going to make you the most amount of money.

For example, a higher price is often a sign of higher quality. This can drive more sales and make you more money in the process.

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