Nonprofit Strategy Series: 5 Tips to Boost The Right Traffic to Your Nonprofit Website

Unless your content went viral and broke the internet, don’t expect significant traffic activity overnight. Driving steady traffic to your nonprofit website requires strategy, consistency, and time.

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if your website is nicely designed, meets industry standards or ranks fairly on Google search results. Nonprofit organizations are competing for online attention. Therefore, you will always need to find innovative ways to improve your position, strengthen your voice and promote your cause.

In our last article, we introduced a 3-step marketing approach designed to help nonprofits win online donations. We’ll now dig deeper into the tactical ways you can boost the right kind of traffic to your nonprofit website.

TIP #1 –– Enhance and Optimize Your SEO

Not an SEO expert? No problem. Even without extensive SEO knowledge, there are simple steps you can take to improve your search rankings. Implement the following SEO tactics to make your website more visible and help more people find you.

  • Discover which search terms people are currently using to find your site
  • Use those search terms in your “keywords” meta tags
  • Use those keywords in the verbiage across your website
  • Write and publish website articles regularly
  • Set up Google Analytics to monitor traffic and consumer behavior

TIP #2 –– Consider a Website Refresh

Who doesn’t like a new look? Not only are new designs more attractive, but they make your website more SEO friendly (if built with SEO in mind). Older designs are proven to be less effective since metrics change over time.

Consider a website refresh to increase your chances of staying relevant, competitive and unique. Check out our recent blog on 2020 website designs to help inspire your next redesign.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Refresh your content regularly 
  • Enhance navigation
  • Use visual elements
  • Improve mobile design
  • Don’t hide your CTA 
  • Incorporate flawless opt-in forms
  • Integrate social media wherever possible

TIP #3 –– Integrate Social Media 

Your social channels are just as important as your nonprofit’s website. Social media has become the preferred medium for passionate, driven and opinionated activists. Use social media as a way to amplify your voice. Be seen and heard amongst your influential niche market. 

Integrate social media icons on your newsletter campaigns, popular pages of your website, and even on your print collateral. Let people know you are active. In addition, join community groups on Facebook to start up a conversation with those who care about your cause. Your goal is to drive as much referral traffic from your social media channels to your website.

TIP #4 –– Consider a Paid Advertising Campaign

When it comes to marketing, nonprofits tend to stick to a tight budget. Their primary goal is to generate donations and save wherever possible. Unfortunately, in the tall tale of effective marketing schemes, you must spend money to make money. 

Paid advertising platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn have made it extremely easy for nonprofits to do so. With a variety of objectives, you can strategically plan and implement your fundraising efforts with as little as $10 a day. 

Stay tuned for upcoming articles from Lúgh. We will speak more about specific platform strategies you can utilize for each channel and how those strategies can win you donations.

TIP #5 –– Improve Mobile Design

When it comes to driving traffic, mobile takes the lead. Having increased by 222% in the last five years, people are searching and making most of their purchases through smartphones. More specifically, mobile giving donations have increased by 205%.

With that being said, ensure that your nonprofit website is mobile friendly. Without this, you could be losing out on valuable traffic.

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